Adult Painting Parties

Adult Painting Party

Adult Painting Party

Let’s pARTy!

Private Painting Parties are available for kids of all ages. Adults can have fun too!
Not only create a great piece of art, but great memories as well. Artworks adult painting parties are led by a qualified instructor, geared to students of all levels and abilities. Be it your first time holding a brush, or an experienced artist, all party goers will enjoy an evening of laughter, creativity, and friends. Let loose and have Artworks host your next function.

We Provide:

-All art materials
-2 hours of fun

You Provide:

-Food and beverage of your choice


$450 for up to 12 students
$25 for each additional student after 12, 30 student maximum at Artworks Studio
$50 for each additional 30 minutes (optional)
$100 travel fee for parties to go (optional)