The Art of Everything

We are all so busy these days running from activity to activity, homework, and work, we just don’t have the time to teach our kids some of life’s basic skills.  School’s teach reading, writing, and arithmetic because preparing for testing is of their utmost concern. As a result, many of the everyday skills our children need to thrive are placed on the backburner and taught at home. That being said,  have you tried teaching your children to wash clothes? Do dishes? Cook a healthy meal? Self-care? Well, I have, and I’ll tell you it was a nightmare. One, my kids do not want to take instruction from me, and two, I hate to say it, but as a busy mom, I just don’t want to have to take the extra time to explain how to do things, it is easier just to do it myself and get it done.

For these reasons, Artworks is opening up a one week “Art of Everything” summer camp to teach life skills to ages 9-14. During this week of camp, we will cover skills such as sewing a button, washing clothes, cooking, gardening, shopping, and many more.

Location: Potomac Studio, 10020 Falls Rd. Potomac, Md. 20854
Cost: $375

Daily Schedule:
9am-9:15am: Check in
9:15am-10:30am: Yoga, Fitness, Health, Meditation
10:30am-12pm: Cooking, Nutrition, Self Care
12pm-1pm: Lunch/Outdoor Activities
1pm-2:45pm: Laundry, Cleaning, Home/Garden
2:45-3pm: Clean Up, Pick up


Camp per week$375.00