Ages 5-6 Art Class



Classes for ages 5-6 are a great stepping stone for aspiring new artists. Our lessons focus on helping the student to identify the basic underlying simple shapes which make up more complicated forms, developing the independence to make drawings on their own. They are provided the structure of step-by-step visual guides, while also encouraged to problem-solve and use their imaginations to develop original composition and background ideas.

Students work in soft pastels, which offer the ability to work in vivid, blend-able colors, while still being easy to manipulate. Each class ends with an art show where parents are encouraged to attend. Classes are held weekly and are one hour long.

Art Classes for children ages 5-6 years old are held at all Artworks locations, Potomac, Bethesda, and Mclean.

$147 per month for one hour in person weekly sessions
Price of class does not include the cost of pastels
Our classes run month to month throughout the year. Students can start at anytime as classes are designed to suit each pupils individual level and ability.

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