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Holiday Gift Ideas

I don’t know about your kids, after one clean up I feel my kids have more than enough “stuff”. This year, in an attempt to corral the focus on toys and things, we have decided to gift experiences instead. This movement has been building momentum in the past couple of years and I think our family is ready to jump on board. Examples of different experiences include, but are not limited to classes (ahem… Artworks), ice skating, sporting events, movies, theatre tickets, concerts, restaurants (last year we gifted an American girl doll tea at Tyson’s Corner), vacations, you name it, I bet there is a gift card available. A great source of inspiration is Groupon, Living Social, and Certifikid.

What to do about gifts under the tree or Menorah? We all love the feeling of watching the joy on our children’s face as they see all the goodies about to be devoured. Instead of more plastic “made in China stuff”, how about books, art supplies, games for the Xbox or Wii, or even clothing?

Still not ready to convert? How about giving some hand-made gifts? One of my personal favorites is paper white bulbs in a beautiful vase, this might not fly with the kiddos but it is a fantastic party gift.


paper whites xmas giftHowever your family decides to give this season, we wish you health, happiness, and joy. Happy Holidays!

Congratulations To Our Grads

Meredith Holmes, Age 8

Meredith Holmes, Age 8

In the past 12 years I have seen my fair share of students leave for college. However, this year is different, two of our oldest students will be leaving for their respective Universities and it is very hard to say goodbye. I would like to thank and congratulate both Meredith Holmes and Nikki Mills for their outstanding dedication and joy they have brought to me and the whole Artworks Team for the past decade. Not only have these two young women been students, but they have also worked with us and helped teach either at camp or class.

In the past 12 years, these two have produced a multitude of amazing work, but I found these two pieces by Meredith, one from her first class ever and the other just a couple of years ago. It is astonishing to see the change from child to adult.

Meredith Holmes, Age 16

Meredith Holmes, Age 16

It is an amazing experience to watch a child grow and become an adult that you respect and enjoy. These two are simply remarkable and we will miss them more than I can express.  Good luck to you both, although I know you will not need it.