” My son and I attend art works and we are having an artistic experience of our life. Art works is a very friendly atmosphere, but, yet professional.
Artworks has taught us to appreciate art and has brought out the artistic side in us. We can now truly say we are artists. We are enjoying the experience and the
Knowledge gained here will last a life time.”


“My daughter has been a student at ArtWorks for over seven years. ArtWorks is a special place.
The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxing. The teachers are exceptional. My daughter loves
that they teach without restricting her creative ideas, and they let her work at her own pace.
She has learned an amazing amount about how to create art.”

Wendy C.

“I have been taking adult classes at artworks for nearly 2 years. I started
out as a beginner and have improved tremendously thanks to the guidance and
instruction from the teachers at artworks. I have used pastels and am now
painting with oils. Artworks is a wonderful place to explore – it
provides a friendly environment with lots of artistic support and is a great
place to meet others who have a desire to express themselves with art. My
week wouldn’t be the same without it!”

Anne W

“Our daughter’s experience of Artworks’ many fine programs has been fantastic, from the very first day of her first class. She has learned a great deal from the many caring, encouraging, and talented teachers at the studio. She also attends several weeks of Artworks’ camp each summer, which are fun and full of learning opportunities. We couldn’t be happier with the progress she’s demonstrated in drawing and painting, and her overall enthusiasm for all forms of art making. Artworks is superb both in what and how its diverse programs teach students and the fun those programs provide. We feel like Artworks is a second home and are grateful to the warm, supportive staff members who help make it that way.”

Thank you, Artworks! — The Pomper Family

“My 7 1/2 year-old daughter, Isabelle, absolutely loves Artworks. She has said for a couple years now that she wants to be an artist when she grows up. She attends classes at Artworks three times per week, and each time she returns home with a pastel drawing more beautiful than the last. Erin and Owen and all the Artworks teachers are welcoming, friendly, gifted artists, and patient teachers, and they all make Isabelle feel like she is at home in their studio. When I drop her off for class, she runs up to the door with barely a wave goodbye. She truly loves her time there. I also have to say that I am a very proud mommy when I show my friends and family the beautiful works of art that Isabelle is creating under the direction of the Artworks professionals; I receive an endless stream of compliments whenever I show off her work. Not to mention the walls of my home are adorned with her artwork as well. Artworks has been a gift to my daughter’s and my family’s life. We are so blessed to have the studio here in our “backyard.”
Elisabeth C.

“Artworks provides a top-notch education in art and artistry. Our daughter has taken Artworks classes for more than three years now, and she gradually progressed from chalk pastel drawings to watercolors to oil painting (and all the steps in-between). The patient instruction provided by Artworks staff has improved her technical skills and her “artist’s eye.” At Artworks, every child works at their own pace and each child will confidently progress to higher levels of artistic production because Artworks really does “teach” art (what I am trying to say here is that artistic ability is more than just a natural talent; as with any skill, it takes time, practice and capable instruction — all of which you will find at Artworks).”

Patricia K.