Welcome! We are very pleased to have your child as a student. These are the guidelines for those who attend Artworks Fine art Classes. If you have any questions, please ask the instructor to explain.

Promptness. Please do not drop off your child earlier than fifteen minutes before the start of the class. Students should be on time and picked up promptly as the studio may close. We ask parents not to remain in the classroom during class. You may leave or relax in the waiting area

Tuition. Your child’s monthly tuition covers basic materials such as newsprint paper and pencils. Other required materials are available for purchase at the studio or may be purchased elsewhere. For your convenience, any supplies purchased from us are billed along with your monthly tuition.

Refunds. If your child is unhappy after the first class and did not take a free introductory class, you may receive a full refund. There are no refunds after this point unless a student is asked to withdraw by Artworks. In this case, the unused portion of the tuition will be refunded excluding unpaid art supplies and missed or canceled classes.

Missed Class Policy. If you or your child must miss a regular class he/she may receive a courtesy class. Courtesy classes are valid only if your child is enrolled and tuition is paid for the month in which the courtesy class is scheduled. The courtesy class policies are designed to accommodate students as well as not to overburden the class size.
• A courtesy class is given only when a scheduled class is canceled in advance. Call or email to cancel prior to the start of the class to be missed.
• Courtesy classes are scheduled in addition to, but not in place of a regular class.
• Tuition for the current calendar month must be received before any courtesy class can be scheduled. Once scheduled, a courtesy class cannot be rescheduled.
• Courtesy classes cannot be credited toward account balances nor can they be scheduled during a month in which the tuition is not paid.